Neighborhood Ramen

Last night I had the pleasure of hanging out at Neighborhood Ramen for their friends and fam tasting to try out some of their dishes. It’s exciting to have a new ramen spot opening up with owners that are truly passionate about ramen and have spent sometime in Japan tasting the many variations to compare and perfect their own broths.  On the hungry side and usually opting for the Tonkotsu which is my favorite, it was hard for me to decide from the menu what to get so I stepped out and decided to go for the Shio ramen which is a chicken stock broth versus my go to pork broth, an order of Gyoza, sesame salad and a watermelon lemonade seltzer to wash it all down. A perfect way to fill my stomach with a meal that was definitely made with love and the ramen lover in mind.

The official opening is next Wednesday and to celebrate, I’ve collaborated with Neighborhood Ramen and Record Breakin’ Music to curate a mix CD filled with some of my favorite Japanese records to use and enjoy as a perfect pairing while enjoying a great bowl of ramen.  If you can’t make it to Japan, this is the next best thing! CD’s will go up for pre-order next Monday 1/21/19 here at Nostalgia King and at Record Breakin’ Music as well as copies available in the restaurant.

Neighborhood Ramen 617 s. 3rd Street