Diamond Street Players – Million Miles

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Atlanta’s Gemco Records but after the postman delivered a package this afternoon, its obvious that they’ve been pretty busy recording some new tunes to service the dance floor and good music lovers.  Making their debut release on the label is Diamond Street Players with their double sider “Million Miles” which features singer Amanda Joy with an Al Greene meets Shuggie Otis type of mid-tempo soul blender b/w “Murky Retrograde”  that is heavy on the organ Jazz side of things and a proper soul jazz explosion.

The Diamond Street Players (Atlanta, GA) are the modern equivolent of a STAX, or MOTOWN style studio backing band, (ala booker T & The Mg’s) led by organist, writer, & producer, Spencer Garn. Only, they focus firstly on laying down gritty soul, funk & R&B tracks that hold their own instrumentally. If they find a singer that works for a certain track, then so be it!

Head over to https://www.gemcorecords.com to get the scoop!