The Right Now – Up All Night (Remixes)

Life is about having options, options that fit whatever occasion of the moment that you’re in and as a DJ, having options in the booth to satisfy the dance floor is key and what better way then having a 12″ with versions to choose from? Options is exactly what you’re getting on the the release on the Star Creature label from Chicago’s The Right Now who make their debut on the label in a very big way.

“Deliciously tasty vocals and instrumentation on the 2 original productions but get a nice spaced out tweak via modern funk master funker BusCrates, plus 2 remixes from Star Creature hot boy Liquid Pegasus and disco king pin, Escort bassist and Razor-N-Tape labelhead JKriv even throws his dance shoes in the bucket for a nice remix as well. Additional Fun Fact: This is first record pressed at Chicagoís own Smashed Plastic record pressing plant. It is Chicago from the band, to the label, to the labor!”