Sounds of Liberation – Unreleased LP

There’s are those who continue to dig deep in full effort to unearthing amazing music that deserves to finally see the light of day. A year or so ago, the homie Max who own’s Philadelphia area record shop, Brewerytown Beats informed me that he would be trying to release music previously recorded by Sounds of Liberation which had never been heard.  Fast forward to the present and that day has finally come and after all of the hard work involved, the previously unreleased works finally has a release day.  An album that jazz lovers will surely dig as well has those who are looking forward something left field with an incredible sound.

This is stunning, deeply emotional Free Jazz – termed “Black Liberation Music”. Created with passion and purpose by masters of the artform, and it sounds as powerful today as it did back upon it’s original commitment to tape. This five-song session of original music has never been released and has been prepared for this important and long-over LP package by group members in  collaboration with Brewerytown Beats Records in Philadelphia.

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