Our Label Records Celebrates 14 Years

It’s not an easy job of running the day to day tasks of a record label especially being independent and doing most of the work without the help of a staff but there are those who work hard and have the passion which pushes their label forward to releasing great music.  One label that has done their fair share of blessing turntables worldwide is Our Label Records based in Germany and when you’re associated with greats like Keb Darge, Unique Records and Jazzman Gerald who offer proper guidance, only great things can come.

Since 2005, the label has been consistent in dropping a new single each year which has made for the making of a nice discography and roster of bands and artists who they have worked with. Over the years, they’ve been in constant rotation in my sets playing across the globe at funk nights with the likes of The New Mastersounds, The Inmates and Osaka Monaurail all getting love, Sir Ali Bengali being featured on my Shifting Gears mixtape and their most recents label acts The Getup and The King Rooster getting dance floor love from DJ’s worldwide.

Congratulations on 14 years strong, here’s to another 14!