BMW M3 E30 Sport Evo

Hands down in my top 3 favorite BMW’s is without a doubt, the E30 model which I first fell in love with in 1988 when a neighbor owned one.  In later years I wound up getting a job working for BMW and would come to love this machine even more and swore that one day I would own one but talking with the service manager of the dealership, he suggested not buying one as they were way too expensive to properly maintain and that I would be dropping money into it often. Everything about this car was amazing, from the details and wide body rear to the simple yet stylish interior, oh and the way it drove!

“For car enthusiasts, the BMW M3 is the benchmark of performance, and online magazine Carfection is delving into the history of the heralded race car for the street by going through each generation, starting with the E30. The video, above, goes through the legacy and history of the 2-door street racing grail, explaining naturally its necessity as a homologation model — BMW were required to produce road-legal versions of its race cars in order to compete in the Group A racing division. The host explains detailed specifics of the E30, from its boxy wide fender flares and S14 engine, to minute specifications of the chassis and suspension that give the M3 more aggressive handling characteristics over the standard 3-series at the time.” – Hypebeast