The Du-Rites – Zodiac b/w Monster

If it’s one thing that the world needs, it’s more ghetto funk by way of The Du-Rites who just happen to have a new slice of 7″ goodness dropping and ready to for you to take for a spin. The A-side, “Zodiac” takes it back to blacklight astrological posters hanging on your bedroom and basement walls while you sported the freshest zodiac sign iron on t-shirts on the weekends. Throughout the track, J-Zone gives the shout and assessment of each sign which is pretty spot on accurate to say the least. Flip it to the b-side for “Monster” and they ride on some on extra pimp shit checking out broads as they stroll down the avenue giving them compliments which would be pretty unacceptable in today’s era. As an extra bonus, Monster gets the instrumental treatment for those of you that need more theme music in your life.

It’s obvious that the duo are having major fun with these releases and filling a void that hasn’t been around since Rudy Ray Moore was alive and kicking. Recommended for those that know.