Ruhrmann & Rockwell – Library EP

I’m always excited to see projects come together that friends have been working on and have obviously put in a lot of time to make sure that it comes out right. A while back, the DJ / Producer homie Eugene Rockwell from Cologne Germany told me about an upcoming vinyl release that he was working and knowing his ear for music and selections of  playing for dance floors, I knew that it would be something that would catch my attention.

That release comes in the form of the debut of Ruhrmann & Rockwell’s “Library EP” on Amikron Records, a colognian imprint established together by the friends of ‘Chicago Am Rhein’ and ‘Ruhrmann & Rockwell’ for modern dancefloor records. The first music from the Cologne producer duo features four library instrumental tracks, all created and rearranged for a dj-friendly use.

Kicking things off on the a-side with a midtempo boogie / disco stomper, “Cape York ’84” is serving you feel-good summer vibes followed by “Do Not Rush” slowing it down to keep you in a cool jazzy mood. On the flip side “Felix The Midi-Cat” turns wild with some synth-jamming backed by an uptempo groove while “Sunrise” puts your mind into a hypnotic rhythm surrounded by flute samples.

Highly recommended work here from Ruhrmann & Rockwell and we’re definitely looking forward to hearing what the duo comes up with in the future.