Cold Diamond and Mink – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

It seems like just yesterday that we got our first taste of Cold Diamond and Mink who have been a foundation to some of the toughest releases coming out on Helsinki’s Timmion Records. Always soulful, yet rugged and funky, they’ve carved out a fine lane for themselves and really made waves with the recently released Carlton Jumel Smith LP, “1634 Lexington Ave” which has been making the rounds heavily. But there’s something to be said about a band that can really stand on their own for a label to release a full instrumental LP as a companion piece to the vocal version which is exactly with Timmion Records has done! A song for song, platter full of instrumentals as originally heard on the Carlton Jumel Smith LP here in all it’s sonic glory is what you’ll get on Cold Diamond and Mink’s “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.

As one of our favorite bands currently in the scene, they’ve recorded more than enough to deliver another full album but in the meantime, “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” will be in full rotation along with their instrumental 45’s that’s filled their discography.

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