Carlton Jumel Smith – Woman You Made Me

Fresh off of the release of his Timmion Records debut album 1634 Lexington Ave, Carlton Jumel Smith delivers another 7″ gem and dance floor scorcher with “Woman You Made Me”. Smith’s vocals are strong as always over the Cold Diamond & Mink backing that compliment this serious soul tune that’s just rough enough around the edges to give it that New York City grit.

“Carlton’s chops in testifying and performance really get to shine in these uptempo grooves cooked up by Timmion house band Cold Diamond & Mink. Impassionate horn riffs accompany Carlton’s re-entry and it’s hard to believe there’ll be a still body left on the dance floor when he reaches the first verse. The track doesn’t stop morphing, but goes through delicate twists and turns wooing the listener in with each measure.”

The b-side showcases the Cold Diamond & Mink instrumental which is tough as nails and brings an entirely different dynamic to the song which creates the perfect spin in it’s own way. Another Timmion sure shot to say the least and one that should definitely be in your crate.