Milkcrate Cafe Records

Sometimes tough decisions have to be made and when it’s the case of sleep or buying records, a little of both goes a long way. Earlier this week the announcement went out the Milkcrate Cafe would finally be reopening their basement record shop on Saturday afternoon and I knew that I needed to get in on the action. As one who likes to be the early bird to things, there was only one problem on the day that would make it difficult for me to get there early enough would be that I had to DJ the night before so there needed to be agreement between my sleep and my urge to buy records. Should I leave the gig, hit chinatown for a 4am meal and then sleep outside of the shop or do I go home, sleep for 3 hours and then get up and head out. I opted for the 3 hours of sleep with the alarm clock breaking my slumber but business calls and records are to be had.

Dig for yours! The new remodel of the basement area looks great with a nice layout and records organized perfectly with genres ranging from Jazz and Hip Hop, Soul & Funk, Rock and Disco, Soundtracks and oddities. It’s always great to walk into a new space or a space that’s been freshened up and restocked with great records. Being that Milkcrate is a coffee / breakfast spot, getting in at 7:45am meant that I could browse for an hour then order a BLT before needed a nap and heading to all before 10am.  That’s what you call a productive morning all before noon.

If you’re ever in the area and in the need of a coffee break or to satisfy your record urge, head over to Milkcrate Cafe to get your fill in.