Butta 45’s Leipzig (Recap)

It’s been a long two weeks rolling into multiple cities with Scarce One and Selecta M for the 9th anniversary Butta 45’s tour but we’ve ran out of petrol and made our final stop in one of our favorite cities, Leipzig which was the perfect way to close out the trip. What made Saturday nights gig hosted at ZweiTakte was that it fit the concept of this years visual excursion perfectly. Being that we opted for 1960’s and 70’s Bikesploitation films as our visual backdrop, ZweiTakte matched perfectly. The location is housed in an old and partially abandoned warehouse area in a secluded off the beaten path area and serves as a motorcycle repair / build / customize shop but on the rare occasion it’s set up as the perfect underground club. After walking into dusty concrete building, we knew that it was going to be an amazing night and perfect way to end the long rides across Germany.

The location houses an assortment of bikes and parts, has a stage for DJ’s and bands, a balcony with couch seating and a bar which only serves the finest blue collar German beer, Wine, Gin & Tonic and vodka. Once the needle dropped down, we served up a heavy dosage of raw funk which got the people moving and didn’t stop until 4am, just the way we like it.

Thank you IG Funk & Soul, ZewiTakte and the people of Leipzig. You made our final travels an amazing experience, see you next year!