Escapism in Addis Ababa Ethiopia Pt. 1

Its been one week since I’ve landed in Ethiopia with the NextLevel organization to put in work and work with the locals to build a connection not only between us, but between them most importantly. We’ve been doing all sorts of workshops in the genre of Hip Hop and cover all 4 elements which I’ll be showcasing in a future update. So far in the first week of being here we’ve been all over Addis Ababa taking in the sights, eating the local cuisines, experiencing the culture and of course, becoming one with the motherland. The first thing that I noticed about the people is that they are extremely hospitable and welcome you with open arms, have a great sense of pride and value their culture.

Before arriving here I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first time to Africa so during the next few weeks, I’ll be documenting the experience, sights and the people of Ethiopia in my on going “Escapism” series that I present here on Nostalgia King. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these photos and stories as much as I have experiencing them firsthand.