Funk Night Records 100th Release!

If you are loving the Funk Night catalog of releases as much as we are then you’re definitely not alone because there are plenty of good music lover across the globe that feel the same way.  Already surpassing their 100th release, FNR does thing a bit different than other label with their catalog #’s and not necessarily releasing them in order. Already at FNR-122, but mysteriously not seeing a release for FNR-100 until now which marks a special occasion for any label. 100 releases is not an easy task to make it to but they’ve done it with class.

For the 100th release, we see the label once again working with Russia’s The Soul Surfers on a pair of 45’s that take up 4 sides of that surfers sounds. What better way to do a 100th release than doing a special pair!? Sides A/B consists of “Wizard of The Hood” b/w “Rhythem-2” while C/D consist of “Neva Again” b/w “V”. A double sure shot and great additions to your collection of Funk Night Records.

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