Lexsoul Dancemachine – Lexplosion II

There has been some rather interesting music coming out of Estonia these last few years spanning various genres and piquing our curiosity on what’s happening creatively over there. The latest thing to catch our attention is the new Lexplosion II LP from Lexsoul Dancemachine, which checks the box on quite a few things that we needed to give it a proper listen. First let’s start by saying it’s a fun listen once you drop the needle down and it really get’s the head bopping. It’s got a little funk, a little boogie and our ever essential disco breaks. After the full listen of the 8-song album, we felt like it need to be repeated one more time, just for extra measure.

LSDM crosses genre borders with tunes in soul, disco, boogie and even house lines. The tracks are produced by the Solid Gold Sound, written by record selectors themselves. The listener is treated to a DJ-weapons itching to be exploited. LP kicks off with the 7-minute “Basics” – a four-to-the-floor disco beat that features the percussionist par lexcellence, Luiz Black soloing throughout. The stomper entitled “Nu Reality” is another uptempo number, graced with a violin solo by Liis Lutsoja. The 2nd single “Entertainment” should be a staple on your contemporary soul playlist. Ready to be sampled and looped, the instrumental “Pike Jawz” is a drum track. “Money” features the US guitarist Cory Wong who lends his rubber fingers to perhaps the grooviest rhythm toting funk on the album. “Carambola Jelly” is a DJ delight that’ll turn the wall flowers into floor-pieces by the end of the piano solo. “Sex” makes the world go around like a pussycat circling a shrimp salad. On the plate is a 4/4 banger that begs the question is this beat is man or (Dance)machine made. “Supersoul” will leave you in goose bumps, the vocals are central here but relentless percussion, stupidly catchy guitar riffs and solos will give way to the afterglow.