Weekend Film Screening

It’s been a vary rare occasion over the last 4 months during the pandemic that I’ve ventured outside of the home with the exception of walks in the park, supermarket runs and the random record dig. But last weekend I have to say that it was a much needed get out of the house to link up with a few friends for a Sunday evening film screening. Hosted by the Exhumed Films family, we met up for a social distancing back yard session of laughs and 16mm treats on the big screen and under the stars.

On the menu for the night was an episode of Ultraman and the TV movie of Life, Liberty And Pursuit On The Planet of The Apes all on 16mm. I never realized how much I needed to get out of the house and be around a small group of friends until I actually stepped out of the house. Definitely the perfect way to end off the weekend.