Turquoise Moon – The Sunset City

How do you capture a moment in time that no longer exists and bring it to the present? You time travel of course and that’s exactly what Spun Out Of Control has done with the latest release on their label that has been pushing some incredible things. The latest takes us back to the 1980’s with a slice of cinematic heaven from Turquoise Moon for “The Sunset City”.

Produced by the synth duo Terry Ferrello & Frank Heisenberg who released two stellar cassette tapes for 80s B-movie soundtracks ‘Midnight Demon’ and ‘Midnight Demon 2’ which are absolutely masterpieces. The Sunset City was recorded in between those sessions as a standalone album and has never been issued until now.

With cover artwork by John Bergin (responsible for The Stranger Things covers for Lakeshore/Invada) this album – mastered by Andy Fosberry (Death Ship 2047) – comes with removable Japanese style OBI strip, anti static inner sleeve + plastic overbag.

Two vinyl ‘flavours’ are available: ‘Turquoise Moon’ (150 copies worldwide) – a cool, clear turquoise vinyl that is literally a ‘turquoise moon’ – plus ‘LA Sunset Fireball’ (also 150 copies), a colour-in-colour treatment with an opaque yellow centre and clear deep orange outer.