New Years Day Comic Digs

Starting out the new year the same way that I ended the previous, doing what I love which includes digging for comics. Making the early morning trek to one of my favorite shops which holds it’s annual New Years Day sale, the homie Ron and myself were the early birds to arrive before start time and before it became elbow to elbow which happened very quickly. Heavy crowd aside, today was a very fruitful day of pulling records from the boxes and wall all at exception prices.

It’s great to be able to have a local shop that continues to get inventory on the regular which seems to be a never ending stream of great books from multiple eras. Today was all about silver age books with a few that have been on the wantlist while others unexpected grabs but all essential pulls for the collection.

If this is any indication of how 2021 can go, then I’m definitely looking forward to the future hunts. Now if I could only find records as easily, life would be grand!