Beat Square 10th Anniversary

Last November marked the 10th anniversary to one of my favorite parties in Taiwan known as Beat Square which is an all day out in the park event which brings DJs, dancers, graffiti artists, skate and BMX kids and the general public together to enjoy culture. Prior to COVID, there were plans for me to return to Taiwan to play the anniversary but as fate would have it, that didn’t happen. So to celebrate the anniversary, we decided to bring the experience directly to you with a new mix (on cassette and CD) put together by founding resident DJ, Chicano and myself and myself splitting the mix.

After a short wait via the postal system, I received a nice care package in the post filled with CD’s (which will be on sale here in the Nostalgia King online shop), a few cassettes, pins, t-shirt and a few of my favorite Shaw Brothers Kung Fu DVD’s all courtesy of my brother DJ Vicar.

For the occasion I’ve dug into my new Hip Hop 45’s bag with a few uptempo newly released B-Boy funk 45 breaks to make a mix of some of my favorite joints that will get you moving. Head over to the online store to grab a copy of the CD for your listening pleasure.