Waxpaper Records Pop Up Recap

Do you know the feeling that you get when you reunite with an old friend that you’ve known since childhood and haven’t seen in years? Well that’s the feeling everyone had this past Sunday at the Waxpaper Records Pop Up at Vine + Vault Café for the first record fair of the year and a much needed outing to buy records, reconnect with other humans in the physical form, drink coffee and take in the smell of plants all around us. The weather was beautiful, dealers had crates worth of great records that they’ve been holding onto during the pandemic and plenty of satisfied customers walked away with vinyl and other vintage items to add to their collections.

It was really a breath of fresh air to see and chat records and life with all of the dealers and buyers in attendance with very little talk of the pandemic and more of what we’re all looking forward to doing this summer which was refreshing. Catching up with DJ and digging pals felt like it’s been a long time since, yet we fell right back into past conversations with ease.

When Wes contacted me about doing this pop up, I was immediately on board because I knew that this was something that the people needed and Vine + Vault was the perfect place to set things in motion. So many thanks to Wes for pushing forward and connecting record heads once again and thank you to everyone that came out, enjoyed listening to the musical selections of Max (Brewerytown Beats), FROZ1 and myself while doing some deep digging.

Until next time!