It Ain’t Retro: Daptone Records & The 21st-Century Soul Revolution

It’s rather rare that we’re treated to a record label related book functioning in modern times and still releasing music that’s touching our souls at this very moment. Books of this nature are often times reserved for labels of the past and now defunct but Jessica Lipsky is has captured something amazing and still in motion in her new book, It Ain’t Retro: Daptone Records & The 21st-Century Soul Revolution.

Obviously one of our favorite modern labels, Daptone Records has been consistently releasing records and building up a catalog that rivals any of the majors at their best and in the new book, Jessica Lipsky dives deep into the history of the label, those behind it, the artists that make it great and all of the stories that one could only hope to hear.

It Ain’t Retro features a who’s who of their roster including Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley, The Dap-Kings, Antibalas, Lee Fields, The Budos Band and more accompanied by rare and unseen photos.

If you’re in need of some quality summer reading then grab yourself a drink, stretch out on the deck and dive into this must read of the year which is available at retailers on August 10th.