Fresh Air 1 Year Anniversary Party @ Sunflower Philly

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be joining the homie DJ Musho and celebrating the 1 year anniversary of his Fresh Air party at Sunflower Philly. Day parties are amazing and I’m looking forward to playing outdoors and celebrating with Musho and giving the people some great music.

“A year ago I was brought on to be the curator of the Fresh Air Party series, I was tasked to help beautify the soundscape of Sunflower Philly for this Biweekly party series.
I was given the wonderful opportunity to give my DOPE DJ peers, homies, and inspirations a chance to get out the crib, and get some FRESH AIR all while being able to give them a (safe) platform to DJ to folks IRL instead of livestreaming or being confined to the four walls of their home during the covid-world we were living in.”
“There are so many talented individuals with impeccable taste in this city that i feel weren’t getting enough love and ears exposed to their sound; so Fresh Air was my way of creating a safe space for the DJs that I revere, to freely express themselves and add to the pot and labors of love that has been incubated and nurtured over at Sunflower Philly.”
“With that being said, I’m over the moon with joy to bring the one and only Skeme Richards over to the space for the One Year Anniversary of Fresh Air!”
“This is a super full circle moment for me, as Skeme was my FIRST exposure and introduction to REAL and UNADULTERATED DJing at my first Break Dancing event when I was 13/14 years old in 2008 as a young entry-level Bboy. Ever since then, I made a rule to catch a Skeme Set whenever I possibly can, because to me; This is the truest essence and the pinnacle of (Philly) DJing to me. And as most of you know, without Breakdancing, I would probably not have gotten into DJing.”
“Now as a turned DJ and event curator thats a part of the Philly Ecosystem, I’m beyond stoked to be able to facilitate this special event and have him bless the space.”
Hit the link for all the details!