Hot Mustard – Mother Sauce

Trying to stay up on all of the new releases is a double full time job working overtime and on nights an weekends so from time to time things slip through the cracks until we get a notification or reminder. Recently received a message from producer Jack Powell about the new LP “Mother Sauce” by Hot Mustard and said that it would definitely be something up my alley. Fast forward to closing out the message and instantly heading over to the Code Red Music page I dove into the sound selections of what indeed did please my ears.

An albums worth of 10 heavy instrumentals that funk lovers would enjoy as well as your favorite emcee’s who would very wise to try their hands at flipping verses over something that’s different than their norm of boom bap production.

“Hot Mustard executes an unpretentious yet decadent tasting menu in their debut offering, Mother Sauce. Featuring dry-aged drums chopped and blended into buttery bass lines, tangy guitar flavors mellowed by smoky, smooth 70s strings, and kickin’ brass trimmings by Antibalas’ Jordan McLean, the resulting beats are fat enough to clog your arteries. These rogue sauciers have been sonically schooled in the Stax and Atlantic tradition, and spent years studying the techniques of such contemporary masters as Chefs Raekwon and Rakim. This is the first course, foodies and musical gourmands bring your appetite.”