Fantasy 15 – Galaxy Oasis b/w Julieta

If you’ve been following my Instagram feed closely then you’ve without a doubt seen my posts about Fantasy 15 and their upcoming release on Eraserhood Sound. The Philadelphia area label and collective have been cooking up quite a few things these last past months and I’m excited to see where they take things with their sound which has already been turning heads and piquing interests. So far everything that has come from the label has been a homerun and I’m still amazed and proud that it’s something coming from the city that I call home.

Fantasy 15 is a band of mortal fighters from Zolatandia striving to prevent an evil & merciless digital government from destroying the entire galaxy…Armed with analog synthesizers and a never-ending supply of primordial drum breaks, the rebel group works diligently day and night to save all of humanity from the horrors of robotic automation.

The Eraserhood Sound intergalactic house band comes correct with another masterful slice of futuristic synth-funk with Galaxy Oasis b/w Julieta make their debuts on 7″. Both tracks are from the group’s forthcoming Planet IX EP, a dazzling collection of songs which touches on soul, funk, boogie, hip hop, and New Wave. “Galaxy Oasis” is the group’s first single with a proper lead vocal, provided by a local from the group’s native planet Zoltandia.

Be sure to grab a copy as soon as it drops!