Gloria Ann Taylor Featuring Misha Panfilov – Be Worthy

Misha Panfilov is a name that you should be very familiar with by now as we’ve been writing about him for the last few years and all of his releases and projects that have stayed in heavy rotation. Knowing him, he’s always up to something and his latest project with singer Gloria Ann Taylor goes beyond what we would ever expect from him and it’s amazing.

Soul singer Gloria Ann Taylor released only a small amount of music during her brief career. She never achieved the commercial success of her contemporaries though she later became a cult sensation. Her genre-bending sound laid the groundwork for disco, R&B, and modern soul music.

In 2015, Ubiquity issued the “Love is a Hurtin’ Thing” album that made her scarce music widely available. Though she was happy with the success of the album she remained out of the spotlight and the industry. It was in 2016, when she returned to the studio for the first time in decades. She recorded a demo of three songs, but tragically passed away before any final recordings or production could be completed. It would take years and the genius of technology to bring her final music back to life. The “Be Worthy” 7-inch is a magnificent ending to the legacy of the soul singer that knew love is a thing we could never live without, even if it is a hurtin’ thing.