Liquid Beat 10 Year Anniversary Mix

Super excited to announce the release of the Liquid Beat Records 10 Year Anniversary cassette mix that I had the pleasure of curating in celebration of the labels decade long run of releasing great music independently and building an impressive catalog. I initially got hipped to label with their 2012 release of “Last Night Changed It All” 12″ by The Love Loungers and have been a fan of the label ever since.

Liquid Beat Records thinks and operates differently and you can hear it in the music that they release with artists and producers like Matt Nelkin, HOT16, Roane Namuh, Blossom, Libretto, BusCrates, Proh Mic and a host more of talents that you should be hipped to. This new mix will showcase the many talents and give you a wide perspective of what has come out from the label over the last 10 years and a hint of where they will be headed in the future.

In addition to the cassette (and digital) release, they’ll be releasing a special LB logo t-shirt to coincide with the anniversary and since it is Bandcamp Friday where all funds go to the artist, this is the perfect time for you to support the label who strives to release quality independent product.

Available now via