Disco Patrick’s Hot Stuff Magazine #10

Another issue of Disco Patrick’s Hot Stuff is set to hit the shelves and find it’s way into your magazine collection and once again it’s packed with great content covering everything from Disco to Funk, to Hip Hop plus art, culture and more. Since this is issue #10, Disco Patrick wanted to do something really special for the occasion by designing the magazine in a 12×12 format (same as a Disco 12″), complete with sleeve and poster which will be a limited printing of 200 pcs.

I’m excited once again to have contributed to this issue which I discuss the Deep Funk / Nu Funk era of 45’s of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Other contributors include resident writer Jason Armitage (Dr.J), Pat Vogt, Saucy Lady, Spanky Hazard, Wildstyle Guy, Stuart Baker, Richard van Tiggelen from  Dutch Graffiti Library and Disco Patrick himself.

Limited edition issues are available at Disco Patrick’s site