Salvator Dragatto – Shook b/w Girls On The 126

If there’s a genre and sound that’s become timeless and that we never tire of and one that new artists still pull inspiration from, it’s the sound of Library and cinematic works that always piques our interests so when we get treated to something new that’s so reminiscent of something great from the past, we’re all ears. The soundscape that’s presented here on the debut 45 by Salvator Dragatto fits the mold properly and adds on to the always growing list of composers and musicians that dive deep into that realm.

Originally released digitally composing of 5 selections, Dragotto’s new 45 released on COSA Records features two of our favorite cuts that should make their way into your rotation and collection especially if you love instrumental works textured with analog synths, melancholy guitars and lush string arrangements, giving an exciting glimpse into what lies ahead.

Highly recommended and definitely what future diggers and historians will be on the hunt for.