Carlton Jumel Smith – Devoted To You

Winding down the weekend and relaxing on the deck with a stack of new soul 45’s that arrived in the post via Helsinki Finland from the label that does soul on another level, Timmion Records. The weather is absolutely amazing today so what better time to drop the needle down and enjoy sounds that would compliment it!? The trio of new releases were recorded by Carlton Jumel Smith with Cold Diamond and Mink providing the backing and doing a fine job at it as always.

Following up his last album 1634 Lexington Ave, Smith continues with recording new material to satisfy the ears of listeners worldwide who patiently wait for a follow up LP which stayed in heavy rotation. The first release from an upcoming trilogy of singles, “Devoted To You” packs everything you could want from a mid-tempo jam. A steady tambourine beat rides the mellow Cold Diamond & Mink groove, leaving Carlton all the pockets he needs to fill with his ever-funky but delicate delivery.