Skeme Richards @ Hit The Breaks! (Helsinki)

This week I’ll be taking my first international flight since I returned home from Ethiopia just a few short weeks before the world wide shut down which completely halted any of the travel dates until a few months back when I began taking gigs again. Having landed in Minneapolis, Austin and Los Angeles over the last couple of months, it’s definitely time for a longer flight and what better place than Finland where I’ll be making my return to Helsinki for the Flow Mo Crew 20th anniversary celebration. In addition to Flow Mo festivities, I’ll be sharing the stage alongside The Funky Sound Foundation for the release of their new album at Hit The Breaks! I’ll be playing an extra long set of Funk 45’s for the night both before and after The Funky Sound Foundation performance.

Helsinki has always been one of my favorite destinations as well as one of the first places that I truly appreciated and love the music / DJ scene there with some of my favorite DJ’s and nights happening. So if you’re in or around town then you know the place to be!

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