Tape Tuesday – Ekphrasis: Edan

There’s something special to be said about any creative project that’s DIY especially when there’s more than just one artistic approach to putting it all together especially when art and sound meet. I recently got hipped to a new cassette put together by DJ Seith paying tribute to one of our favorites and all around good dude, Edan.  Who is DJ Seith you ask? Well let’s just say he’s highly tested and comes prepared with the tools of the trade including crates of dusty records, turntables and beat machines and has been constructing psychedelic musical journeys through hip-hop, funk, soul, rock and disco for the better part of two decades.

His new tape, “Ekphrasis: Edan” is something magical that took time to put together but the outcome is well worth it. The mix was part of a year-long project wherein Seith created a new mix each month, dubbed it to 15 copies in-home with hand-carved stamps for making the artwork and hand-stamped each copy, then sent the copies out to members of the tape club that subscribed at 20$/month for the entirety of 2021.  This resulted in 12 unique mixtapes with handmade artwork which could not be heard anywhere outside of the tapes themselves.  The Edan tribute mix is tape 7 in the set and is the only tape that has been re-released and able to be heard online since the project wrapped up.

If you know us here at Nostalgia King we love limited editions and exclusives especially when it comes direct from those that put a lot of love and time into them and this is new Edan tribute makes for the perfect addition to the tape collection.

Highly recommended and available now in very limited copies at https://djseith.com/