Digging Paris

Finally catching up after the last few weeks of travels to do some recaps of trip which took place between Finland, Los Angeles and Paris to name a few places. For this go around we’re taking flight to Paris for a 6 day excursion of playing a few events which included playing the extremely dope Hi-Fi record bar, Bambino Paris on Friday night. This amazing spot serves up great tasting tapas and a serious beer and wine menu with vinyl records playing in full from opening until the guest DJ begins at 9pm. For the night I played a heavy Disco and Rare Groove set that lasted until 3:30am. The following night was a full lineup at the Break Fluid 45 afterparty on which featured DJ’s Large Professor (Main Source), Rob Manga and myself for a night of all 45 action of killer cuts, dance floor classics and classic breaks.

Of course no trip is complete without getting some record shopping in during the down time. Waking up early and linking up with Rob Manga was the mission and making stops at Superfly Records and Heartbeat Vinyl to grab some serious pieces was definitely what went down. It’s always great to be able to travel to shops where selections vary depending on city or country and where the owners are knowledgeable and can recommend what you might not have previously been up on.