Organic Pulse Ensemble – A Thousand Hands

From time to time I get asked, what makes the perfect album and depending on the the day of the week and present mood, perfect can fit a handful of definitions or ideas. But perfect also equates to something that is timeless, something presented where all of the elements are in place to make you question, how did they do that!? Perfect is complete listen from start to finish without once picking the needle up to skip to another song but instead soaking up and immersing yourself in the sounds that tickle your ears and expand your musical experience. Perfect should be organic so when you’re band is known as Organic Pulse Ensemble, you would hope that all worlds collide to create the perfect album which is very much what they’ve done on their upcoming “A Thousand Hands” LP dropping in March on the 2 Headed Deer label.

This album fuses the intensity of free jazz , with the meditative and mystical feeling of the spiritual approach of the genre . The lengthier timing of the tracks provides the musician the chance to explore different paths in terms of composition , on many occasions focusing on the music progression on each track , containing his perfectionist zeal and accepting the value of leaving some of the mistakes and rough edges which we consider to be a very important addition in terms of personality and originality to the work. Gustav keeps pushing the boundaries of the form by incorporating influences from ethiojazz to eastern sounds , all of it in an amazing organic way that makes it hard to believe all the composition and performance come from a single artist.