In Search of The Perfect Ramen

When it comes to food quests, I’m always in search of the best burger to be found in any area that’s in traveling distance but since I’m in Japan, the guest varies slightly to include hunting down the perfect ramen. Whenever I’m here in Japan, I’m always looking for recommendations from those who actually know ramen and it’s history so when the opportunity arose to make a pit stop to a small town up north while on a 3hr drive to Fukushima, it was a no-brainer. I’ve had ramen all over the country from cities, to small prefectures to the countrysides so I was looking forward to trying yet another bowl from a new area.

Since we were traveling in that direction anyway, we made a stop in a small town (which the name escapes me at the moment) that is known for having amazing ramen. Obviously all mom and pop owned since this area is countryside and not in the city and far off the beaten path where no one speaks English and everything is paid in Yen. So after some research we knew exactly the place to stop at and boy was it well worth the wait! Let’s just say that there was nothing to not like about it. Shirakawa style ramen   (shoyu) with amazing and flavorful broth, noodles that are slightly chewy and what very well maybe the best pork that I’ve ever had in my life. There was something special about the pork which was “sweet” in a sense but not sugar like and the serving of pork was exactly what I needed.

After indulging in a very hot bowl it was off to Fukushima which was another hour away to get in some digging, have dinner then prepare for the nights party, Slow and Hot