A Day Digging With DJ Dennai

I’ve always been one to connect and hang out with the locals wherever I go because it’s the locals that know all of the great spots to eat and drink, take in the sights, the history and as DJ’s, where to get records. One person that I’ve been connected with for quite sometime now and officially getting to meet up with is DJ Dennai who I unexpectedly showed up at a night very close to the neighborhood where I stay in Tokyo and where he was playing jazz vinyl. To his surprise I stopped by to hear his amazing selections, enjoy a great bowl of soba and to mingle with the locals and regulars that frequent there. After a great night we agreed to catch up in the following days for lunch, a tour around some of his favorite parts of the city a few records and just great conversation.

What’s started out as lunch quickly turned into about 5 hours of an amazing spring like day getting a history lesson on Sumida Park, venturing out to one of his favorite places where the views of the lake multiple train lines are visible so that I could video and photos, walking through downtown Tokyo neighborhoods while stopping at a few record shops along the way and ultimately ending up in Chiba before heading back to my Asakusa neighborhood.

The beauty of me traveling has always been about culture and linking with those who come from the culture while connecting the dots on our shared love of culture, experiences and music over a great meal and cold beer. Thank you DJ Dennai for a great day and of course coming to the Shaft In Asakusa party.