Pu Poo Platter – A Chilling Winter Night | 夜​食​堂​駭​人​事​件

Although we’re still very much experiencing summer like weather here on the East Coast, Brooklyn’s Pu Poo Platter delivers their new release, A Chilling Winter Night | 夜​食​堂​駭​人​事​件 to cool things down a bit. Their 7 song LP delivers a beautiful, jazzy and vibe stirring selections by a group of musicians who sound unlike anyone else that we’ve heard in modern times.

“Pu poo platter is a flying saucer stranded in Brooklyn, NY back in 2019. It carried a group of (non-resident) aliens. They feed on music and listen to food. Despite struggling with life on Earth, they’ve grown to love the sunshine and donuts, and find fat white cats most intriguing. They try to make their own music, both to practice a more sustainable lifestyle and to spread love everywhere.”

Available for pre-order here in the states over at https://funknight.bigcartel.com/ or internationally at the artists Bandcamp.