Mestizo Beat – Jaraguá

They say good things come to those who wait, but sometimes we often wonder when and if those good things have an arrival date scheduled. Well that’s the case with the upcoming, highly anticipated full length LP from Mestizo Beat on F-Spot Records. After a handful of singles over the last few years gave us a taste of what the band has been cooking up, we were due for something more and a complete album is exactly what we needed.

Jaraguá (haa-raa-WAH) noun – a tall forage grass known for its resistance to adverse environments.

From a melting pot of influences and cultures, Mestizo Beat takes the lead, offering the next wave of instrumental West Coast Latin Funk to come out of Southern California. Their sophomore LP, “Jaraguá,” highlights the group’s dedication and resistance to keep pushing many boundaries while paying respect to the generation that came before them. Blending the sounds of early 70s Funk & Soul, Latin-Jazz, and Afrobeat, Mestizo Beat takes musicianship and production to their highest level, offering a complete package of masterfully crafted recordings and original compositions into a brand new, hot off the press, 12″ LP.

Entirely self-produced and written by Aquiles ‘Lito’ Magaña and Agustin ‘Gus’ Magaña (The Magaña Brothers) along with core group members Jose Castro, Pedro Flores & chief horn arranger Jesse Audelo. The band has also enlisted a diverse array of additional skilled players to enhance the sonic elements required of each track. Contributions from other band members Doug Organ, Fabio De Souza and Max O’Leary as well as collaborations with horn player Jason Cressey and featured vocalist Jamie Allensworth, have transformed this LP into the embodiment of Mestizo Beat’s vision. A true collective of musicians, all united by the common goal of delivering high-quality funk music.

From the cinematic opening of the title track ‘Jaraguá’ and the Blaxploitation-inspired single ‘She’s A Rose’ to the groove-centric cuts like ‘The Jaguar’ and ‘Black Bag,’ Mestizo Beat’s musical exploration knows no bounds. Venturing further with soulful burners like ‘The Jaguar’ and ‘Two Eleven,’ the group unleashes their full potential on ‘II The Deepcyde,’ featuring the renowned guest vocalist Jamie Allensworth. The album is rounded off with the Nigerian disco-funk inspired ‘Lotsapoppa’ and a foray into the Cumbia genre with ‘Cumbia de Jaraguá,’ all offering a diverse and exhilarating musical journey. Recorded and produced at the band’s hillside Topanga, CA studio, SPC 166, each song showcases the unique talents of the ensemble. Remaining true to their sound and recording techniques, ‘Jaraguá’ was tracked to 1/4″ tape and mixed by Sergio Rios at Killion Sound.