Skeme Richards – New Psych Sounds


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It’s been close to 4 years since Skeme Richards released his first cassette tape on Record Breakin’ Music which followed various themes which tied them all together.  One theme that has been a constant is introducing music to the listener that they most likely have not heard before and if they have, not in the way that would string them together.

Following up on his “New Library Sounds” cassette where he mixed newly released records recorded by today’s independent artists and bands that captured the essence of classic 1960’s and 70’s Library LP’s done by the greats. With his new cassette, he follows a similar path but this time choosing another genre favorite, Psych. The “New Psych Sounds” cassette dives into vinyl releases over the last few years by bands that have released 45’s that fit varying lanes and filled with the essential elements, from cinematic to funk to heavy fuzz and raw drums with plenty of reverb throughout.

New Psych Sounds is for the heavy music lover who digs just a bit deeper, for the sample based producer who is looking for open drums and sounds that are ready to be chopped and flipped.  It’s the type of listen where you always hear something new with each play and blurs the lines of 60s and 70s psych with modern homages.


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