The Mack of The Year (Cassette)


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I always say, every day that you wake up to see the sun is a good day and should be celebrated as such. Living life to the fullest or enjoying it as much as possible is something that I’ve always tried to do which has kept me balanced and honestly, feeling extremely young. Part of the formula in helping to keep me young is without a doubt, music and the joy of sharing it with the world. As a DJ, that’s what I do and have done for a large portion of my life. Playing for nightclubs and festivals, sometimes weddings and the occasional birthday party. 

Speaking of birthday parties, I’ve never been big on having one dedicated to me and thrown by other people and I have yet to throw myself one either. After all it’s just a birthday right? But it dawned on me that my birthday is coming up and I’ll be reaching a monumental moment in history and turning 50 years young, so why not celebrate and do something different and connect it with the love of music?

After sitting down and tossing around ideas in my head, The Mack of The Year was born with a musical theme of Rare Groove and Soul to be enjoyed any day or night of the week especially when freshly dipped and sipping on your cocktail of choice and at your favorite speakeasy (which could very well be right at home). The Mack of The Year is the theme of this years “party” and you are all invited to enjoy the event and release of this cassette tape with me.


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