Kings Without Crowns

We have always lived on the philosophy of “do it yourself” whenever our creativity was concerned. We’ve kept everything in-house, from the art and design of how we present our projects, to booking our own tours, releasing our comic book series and even working with labels like Record Breakin’ Music to release our music. It’s all about distributing quality on a high level, with a modest budget while keeping the mom & pop neighborhood (but worldwide) shop aesthetics.

Most of the people or companies that we have a deep connection with are those that employ that same philosophy and one of those brands is Chicago’s Kings Without Crowns. A one man operated street wear company started by a creative and close friend named Adverse. KWOC does everything in-house, screen-printing of tee’s and jackets, limited edition posters perfect for framing. They even hand cut and sew in their own tags into their garments. Some might say that this is the hard way of doing things but there’s a certain satisfaction and enjoyment of taking pride in making sure each piece is unique. KWOC is simple, yet raw and play the game by their own set of rules. You won’t find them in your local department store or advertised in a magazine with A & F models, but you will find them at varying pop up shops around the states or distributed through their Japan outlet.

We’re all about supporting the independents and their growth and Kings Without Crowns has definitely produced some amazing things over the last few years.

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