A New York Minute With Miranda Maxwell

I always love talking to creative people, especially those who have multiple outlets that often times influence or inspire each of their crafts. Those who can juggle multiple tasks while taking on the world and still find time to enjoy life and all of its great offerings. When it comes to creative energy, the people absorbed by it and the place where it seems to run through the pulse of the city, there’s no place like New York. Recently while roaming the streets of the Big Apple I bumped into someone that I haven’t seen in quite a while but knew she was constantly on the move. The person I speak of is NY socialite, DJ and creator, Miranda Maxwell who throws a dope weekly party, knows what colors go with what and has a sharp eye for the details that matter. Check out the interview to find out what fuels her creativity, what’s playing in her ears and some of her favorite things to do while strolling the streets of New York.

Skeme: For the record, state your name and occupation.

Miranda: Miranda Maxwell, Artist/DJ

Skeme: I’ve been following you for quite sometime and you are definitely a talented person. From playing records to being an artist and hand drawing your flyers and even into the fashion scene, have you always been this creative?

Miranda: Thank you and yes, I was always encouraged to explore my creative interests. I’m blessed to have an open-minded family who understands my need to create.

Miranda Maxwell

Skeme: Let’s talk about your flyers for a second because in a digital age where people are just jacking images online and photoshopping them to create very generic flyers to promote parties, yours are all hand drawn which is something rarely done these days.  Do you see doing it your way, as something special or is it just you being you?

Miranda: I enjoy drawing text. It easily translates to making flyers. To give myself structure in this I made it a point to draw a new flyer for my weekly Thurs. Dj residency in 2013. At the end of the year I had 44 hand drawn flyers. It was really satisfying to see them all together. Even tho I use illustrator and photoshop, I prefer drawing my flyers. It has that throwback aesthetic I feel the industry needs to embrace more.

miranda maxwell cassette

Skeme: You’re really into fashion and design, can you give us a bit of what it is that you specifically do and are interested in, in those fields?

Miranda: Fashion has been my newest endeavor. I come from a knitting family and have known how to sew, but a few years ago a  friend taught me how to make proper patterns for clothes. The process in this became a new obsession. I released a small line of women’s clothes last year with a Tomboy feel. This is a movement I plan to grow! Putting my designs on blank tees and hoodies is fun, but I hope to build the TomBoy brand and sell the clothes i’ve been making. Many times when i’m out I am wearing something i’ve made. It feels great to get complimented on my clothing without people knowing i made it.

Miranda Maxwell street

Skeme: Since you have multiple creative outlets, do either of interests intersect with the other to influence what you’re creating at that moment?

Miranda: Yes! They all intersect. The process is what I enjoy most. My mood typically predicts what I will be working on unless I have a deadline. The phrase “being a jack of all trades but master of none” has some scary truth to it, but I can not imagine myself being a one dimensional artist.

Skeme: What can people expect when catching you at your weekly Von party?

Miranda: I try to read the crowd that is there and 90’s/80’s Hip Hop/Funk/Soul/R&B is typically what I play. I named it “Party no Bullshit” which means no top 40.

Von Party No Bullshit

Skeme: Musically, what are you listening to these days when you’re relaxing in the comforts of your home?

Miranda: Prince is always #1, but i’m really enjoying the new Childish Gambino album. Artists like him and Anderson Paak are making new music exciting to listen to again.

Skeme: What are you favorite things to do in NY?

Miranda: I’m a fat ass at heart so walking to Parisi for a sub and people watching is a regular thing. The energy in NYC is hard to find anywhere else.

miranda valentines

Bonus Question:  For those that follow you on Instagram they’ll catch you from time to time doing dance videos.  What’s your favorite dance?

Miranda: I love that people enjoy my dance moves. I am not trained and don’t know what I’m doing. It’s something that makes me happy when I’m alone at home. Ironically I’m shy, and rarely dance in public.

miranda NY Jersey

To follow the further adventures of Miranda Maxwell, be sure to follow her on Instagram @miranda_maxwell.