Bei Bei & Shawn Lee – Year of The Funky

As a music lover, my ear is always open to experiencing new sounds from across the globe especially those that marry different styles not commonly heard together.  Shawn Lee, One of my favorite musicians who is definitely a genius at his craft, once again connects with composer Bei Bei (荷蓓蓓) on their second album “Year Of The Funky”

After their debut collaborative album “Into The Wind” (Ubiquity Records, 2010), the Chinese guzheng virtuoso / composer and the prolific multi-instrumentalist / producer join forces again on 12 new tracks. Year Of The Funky” marries a unique blend of ancient tradition with studio trickery. Eschewing all notions of superficial “Asian/Fusion”, this uplifting, genre-bending, and sophisticated sound brings together both East & West with musical aplomb. The new album continues as a logical progression from “Into The Wind”. It ventures into both new tempos & moods while deftly connecting the past, the future and what lies beyond.