Georgia Soul Council – What’s For Breakfast

If there’s two things that I know about the south, it’s that there’s no better option to start they day than a southern breakfast and that some of the most amazing music has come from the south. Today we take a trip to Atlanta Georgia for a little of both with the latest LP from Georgia Soul Council “What’s For Breakfast“.  Any album that has the 3 b’s on the cover, biscuits, bacon and (Hammond) b3 has got to be a healthy dosage goodness and that’s exactly what you’ll find on the new release.  Heavy in every way and a grooving, soulful, jazzy 7 cut strong output that takes you across the board from the jump out of your seat to the lay in the cut and relax.

It’s a rarity that we get this style and sound on a vinyl release and Georgia Soul Council fills that void quick. If you’re in need of something refreshing check out What’s For Breakfast.