Casa De Sarasa – Mexico To Tokyo

I’m always excited when DJ homies pursue other passions outside of music and do an amazing job in presenting their new love in the same way as their previous. My homegirl, DJ, Tokyo sweetheart and  Hip Hop head, DJ Sarasa recently opened up her authentic Mexican restaurant serving amazing Taco’s.  After multiple trips and spending plenty of time visiting Mexico, Sarasa fell in love with the food and wanted to bring a taste back to Japan with her in the form of her new space, Casa De Sarasa. Everything is authentic from the ingredient used, choice of Mexican beers (and a few local crafts as well), the plates which she hand carried on the plane back from Mexico to make sure they arrived safely and even the painted walls which she brought in a longtime friend from Mexico to paint. If you know the Japanese way then you know the mentality is if you’re going to do it, then do it right and thats exactly what Sarasa has done.

If you’re in the Shibuya area, then definitely stop by for a bite to eat.

Casa De Sarasa

Shibuya, Tokyo, Tokyo 150-0043