Remulak – Earth LP

Village Live is on a serious roll with their current releases, quality output and label roster of talented artists.  The latest release simply titled “Earth” from producer Remulak delivers an instrumental selection of finely crafted beats ranging from variety of moods, from funky to emotive and and even some deep and gloomier sounds, with a solid listen from start to finish with enough room for long term replay value.

Visually, the album creates a real sense of nostalgia, with the cover being a shot of Remulak from his childhood in the early 80’s and the gatefold image taken by Remulak’s mum in the early 90’s which was then tied all together by the incredible skills of Mr. Krum who once again shows why he is the go to guy when it comes to cover  art and design.

Available as 100 limited edition splatter LP’s (pictured) 200 black LP’s, Cassettes and digitally.