Magic In Threes – At Jody’s b/w Breezy Day

When it comes to the sweet sound of music, especially for home listening, I prefer my selections with a cinematic approach to them.  As a kid growing up and a lover of classic TV shows and films, British Sci-fi and spy series as well as American police drama’s of the late 60’s and 70’s have always been some of my favorites not only for the story lines but for the perfectly placed soundtracks and themes that go along with them.  TV and film music may not hold the same weight today as it did 40+ years ago but musicians and composers are still very much on the same page with creating beautiful works as is the case with the new Magic In Threes 7″ debuting on KingUnderground.  Over the years Magic In Threes has been a regular in rotation and the latest “At Jody’s” b/w “Breezy Day” looks to be right in the mix and take it’s place in the golden crates.

If you’re a fan or collector of British library LP’s and in need of something to add to the collection, anything from the trio known as Magic In Threes is a must have and is sure to be what future diggers are on the hunt for years down the line.

Available now for pre-order via