France Nuyen

Today Nostalgia King celebrates the birthday of actress France Nuyen who starred in one of our favorite Sci-Fi television shows growing up, Star Trek (the original series) from 1966. France Nuyen was an actress who we remember well and was a standout in not only her role as Elaan of Troyius in the episode of the same name but also because of her beauty and characteristics.  Nuyen is a Vietnamese-French actress and model who not only appeared in Star Trek but also another Sci-Fi favorite, Battle For The Planet of The Apes as well as in episodes of a few other of our favorite TV series including The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1965), I Spy (1967), The Six Million Dollar Man (1974), Charlies Angels (1977), Columbo (1978) and Kung Fu (1978) to name a few.