Wu-Tang Clan Will Release Only a Single Copy of Their New Album

The Vinyl Exam – The Vase and The Dynasty

One of my favorite music, vinyl and all things cool related podcasts is The Vinyl Exam with hosts Keith Foster and Columbo “Sama” Ahmed which I’ve had the pleasure of working with both in various situations.  The podcast The Vinyl Exam is now 144 episodes deep and their latest touches on one of my favorite topics and groups, The Wu Tang Clan.  But what makes this episode on the Clan different than others is that goes in-depth on two of their LPs and the a recent book “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin”.

via The Vinyl Exam

“In recent years, the Wu Tang Clan have released two albums: the ubiquitous A Better Tomorrow and the unheard Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. A Recent Book, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin ñ the untold story of Wu Tang Clanís million dollar secret album, the devaluation of music and Americaís new public enemy Number One by Cyrus Bozorgmehr tells the story of the latter record from creation to sale. The book is one of my favorites and a worthwhile purchase, and in thinking about the record again it brought to mind some recent articles and ideas that interest me quite a bit, some of them even touching on the ‘why vinyl?’ question Sama and I repeatedly return to on the podcast.”