The Du-Rites – Greasy Listening

The greatest funk duo to ever exist thats better than your average 4+ member band finally returns with their latest offering thats as golden as grandmas fried chicken.  The Du-Rites “Greasy Listening” is 100% crispy funk with a side mash potatoes and a cold home-brewed iced tea best enjoyed when played as loud as possible. Hard at work as always, J-Zone and Pablo Martin wasted no time getting to work after the release of their debut LP, “Out of Nowhere” and they haven’t missed a beat.  13 tracks deep, J-Zone (drums, organ, percussion, turntables) continues to deliver funky rhythms and chunky drum sounds, while Pablo (guitar, bass, synthesizer, electric piano) returns with plenty greasy guitar moves and addictive melodies thats distinctly their own sound.

If you’re looking for the next big thing to fit into your daily rotation, then seek no further, The Du-Rites have got you covered like gravy on grits.