Future Primative x MoM LA Recap

Amazing (and sleepless) times in L.A. once again last weekend for both the Future Primitive and MoM LA parties. After DJ’ing both Friday and Saturday in Philly then catching the 6am flight to L.A. on Sunday morning, arriving around 1:30pm then meeting up with the homie DJ Paren for lunch at one of his favorite spots for the duck and pork over rice which is exactly what I needed to keep me fueled up for the long night. After lunch it was time to head over to DJ Expo’s place to get somewhat familiar with each others records for the unrehearsed, impromptu set at the evenings Future Primitive 20th Anniversary.  As the doors opened, we started pulling records from the crates and wen’t right into it and ran down just a little over 2 hours and 15 mins worth of grooves, breaks, samples, sound bites and other things before Cut Chemist and Shortkut too the stage.

The following night it was time to play a long overdue night at Motown on Mondays L.A. and tag teaming the decks with my Philly now residing in L.A. fam, Sonny Jams.  For 2 hours we went back to back playing Philly selections with a few Motown cuts in between. It’s been quite a while since I’ve got to rock with Sonny but it felt just like being back in Philly once we got started.

Shout outs to the L.A. fam for a great weekend, amazing hospitality and allowing to to fly in DJ Paren, Footlong Development, Cut Chemist, DJ Shortkut and DJ Expo. Until next time!

Photos courtesy of DJ Paren and DJ Expo.